The Cocktail Collection


Flirtini - On The Rocks

On The Rocks

Flirtini is light, fun and has plenty of splashy movement to be directive

The pattern is made with 5 colors, 1 wool and 4 silk for an optimal shimmer effect

Use color to play up this youthful design or closely related tones for subtle movement and texture

A pop of intense color will increase the graphic quality

This design goes off the edge of the rug making Flirtini look great from every angle,
drawing in the viewer and giving an expansive feeling

Gentle movement of the linework works well to highlight the curves or lines of fine furniture

Works well as a rectangle, square and as a runner

Flirtini - Mint Twist

Mint Twist

Flirtini - Hint of Lavender

Hint of Lavender

Flirtini - Straight Up With An Orange

With an Orange

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