The Cocktail Collection


Casino - Straight Up

Straight Up

A fun, energetic design with sweeping movement based on a shell pattern from the 40's

This strong pattern can be used to direct the flow of a room with its sweeping movement

Casino works well both in high contrast colors or more monochromatic tones

Optimize the colorwork by using 4 shades of one hue (midtones) with a high contrast for a pop of color

Use vibrant colors to create a high energy pattern

Create a subtle textured look by using all 5 as similar tonal colors

Modify the content by using more wool for high traffic areas

Suggested as a rectangle, runner or square

Casino - Navy Twist

With A Navy Twist

Casino - On The Rocks

On The Rocks Teal

Casino - Lavendar Twist

With A Lavendar Twist

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